4 Goals I Achieved with Kestrl as a First Year Uni Student

“Hi , I’m Safiyyah, a first year Economics student at the LSE from Malaysia. I wanted to share some top ways the Kestrl app has helped me achieve my financial goals in a way that doesn’t compromise on my beliefs…”

1. Easy & Efficient Budgeting

2. Keep Track of Spending

3. Making Charitable Donations

A Screenshot of the Zakat Donation Process in Kestrl

4. Making Ethical Investments

In conclusion, Kestrl has been an amazing tool to help navigate my expenditures during my first year in uni, especially being exposed to a completely new environment. It is a fantastic app for students, as the guidance Kestrl has provided me is unparalleled. As previously mentioned, I am looking forward to the new features and for what Kestrl has in store for the future.

Download Kestrl today to achieve your goals without compromise!

Kestrl is an app that helps Muslims to achieve their financial goals without compromising on their religious values.

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