As we all know, London is an extremely expensive city and having fun on a budget can be quite tough at times. At Kestrl, we hope to make it easier for you to budget, save and invest, whilst still having a great time. Therefore, we’ve compiled some of our favourite…

This week, Kestrl is proud to announce the launch of our highly anticipated Halal Investment Marketplace where you will be able to view, compare and invest in ethical and Sharia compliant investment products. Currently, our app uses Open Banking, allowing users to connect their existing bank accounts. They also receive…

Ramadan Mubarak from the Kestrl family to yours!

We pray that you all have a blessed month and are able to make the most out of the coming days inshAllah!

We’ve got a whole host of upcoming announcements and events this month, from product launches to exciting partnerships so do watch out for those.

In the meantime please check out last week’s ‘Money Matters’ webinar we held in partnership with National Zakat Foundation (NZF)and our Sharia Scholar, Mufti Faraz Adam. We spoke about Personal Finance for Muslims, the ins and outs of Zakat, and how Kestrl is hosting the NZF calculator and donation platform within its app!

How two Cambridge MBAs are attempting to transform the way in which Muslims interact and grow their wealth in the UK.

“Why don’t you use an Islamic Bank?”

It was a simple enough question asked by my good friend Daeng, after witnessing me pay for lunch with a Barclays debit…

Kestrl: Muslim Money App

Kestrl is an app that helps Muslims to achieve their financial goals without compromising on their religious values.

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