• Irfan Radzi

    Irfan Radzi

    CTO at kestrl.io. A frontend guy turning backend.

  • Azizur Rahman

    Azizur Rahman

    Senior Technical Architect with experience of building Scalable Web Architecture and Distributed Systems delivered successfully in Continuous Delivery.

  • Shireen


  • Zehn Mehmood

    Zehn Mehmood

    I studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Cambridge. I am currently working in investment banking in M&A advisory.

  • Augusto Santos

    Augusto Santos

    Partner at FTP fintech . partners | Founder #fintechPortugal | Publisher of The Portuguese Fintech Guide since 2017. #GiveFirst

  • israrfaiq egha

    israrfaiq egha

  • Ahmed Ali

    Ahmed Ali

  • Didar


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